In 1894 our location was known as Doyle’s Pub. On Dec. 21st of that year a murder, still unsolved to this day, occurred here. That was the start of a very interesting history of the premise currently occupied by Dasher’s Corner Pub.

In or about 1905 the tavern became a restaurant called Cox’s Corner. After surviving prohibition and the great depression (closing only for a short time) the restaurant re-opened as Dasher Cox’s and quickly became famous for its live lobsters. Main Street, or NY State Route 11, was the main thoroughfare from Syracuse to NYC. All north and south traffic to Syracuse passed by Dasher Cox’s restaurant with its huge attention to the grabbing lobsters attached to the building.

Why lobsters? Well, Francois “Dasher” Cox devised a system using a plane that flew mail daily between Ithaca and Boston to pick up his lobsters on its return trip to Ithaca. He then had the Ithaca route driver from Homer’s Durkee Bakery (located right next door to Dasher’s) stop at the Ithaca airport, meet the plane from Boston, load the lobsters and drive them to Dasher’s on his return to the bakery. Genius.

Business thrived until the interstate, Route 81, was built diverting traffic out of the small village of Homer. The restaurant closed in the late 1960’s. A couple of other businesses opened in the location. “Gray’s Inn” for a number of years, then “Friends” for a few more. When “Friends” closed in 2011 the current owner, George Seibel, was approached to buy the building. Not having grown up in the area, Mr. Seibel was unfamiliar with the history of the building. The locals and his friends were happy to fill him in. Coincidentally, Mr. Seibel owned a horse named Dasher at the time. This inspired him to name his new restaurant “Dasher’s Corner Pub” as it paid tribute to the history of the village, the locals who remember Dasher Cox’s, and his beloved horse.

Opening in 2012, the very popular restaurant has expanded to open its 2nd floor for private parties and catered events. Recently the area’s largest outdoor dining patio was added allowing patrons to enjoy al Fresco dining on quiet, quaint and historic Main Street in Homer, NY.